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Hrithik Roshan

Manthan is the first Dhoop brand to have roped in a brand ambassador. Our Brand Ambassador Hrithik Roshan is an A-list celebrity and famous Bollywood superstar. Also known as Greek God, he is known for his stunning looks, great acting & amazing dancing skills. He is a style icon for youth and his charismatic aura and endearing personality connect and inspire them. That's what connects us! Manthan is dedicated to inspiring youth towards success and achieving their dreams. Manthan creates a positive aura and energy that fills one with positivity. We believe one should always introspect and act because Manthan Zaroori Hai!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Our Brand Ambassador is a youth icon, ace cricketer MS Dhoni otherwise known as Captain Cool; extremely well known for his famous helicopter shot, coolheaded captaincy, poise and calm. Under his leadership, India has become World champions. His persona is such that it radiates calmness. A tranquil state of mind helps in focused efforts and calculated better results. This is exactly Zed Black aims for, to create an atmosphere of purity that helps maintain a balance, helps the mind to focus and is just perfect for praying because at Zed Black, we believe that prayers are always heard.

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Zed Black Parfum Premium Fragrance Incense Sticks (Pack of 4) Suitable for Everyday Use – Alluring Fragrance Sticks
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Incense sticks are known to be one of the most sacred and useful elements in Indian culture. It is

known to eliminate the foul smell and negative vibes. This indeed adds more to its popularity and usefulness. Make sure to get hands on these high grade and long lasting scent sticks that are worth every single penny. Incense sticks natural creates pleasant and refreshing aura that boosts confidence.

Why choose these sticks? 

  1. Incense sticks can be used for meditational purpose, for gaining peace and for making the aura breathable and fresh!
  2. It is long lasting and the aroma lingers around the room for longer period of time.
  3. Scent sticks create an uplifting and fascinating environment and avoids all the negative and destructive energy. This provides your peace of mind.
  4. Unwind your mind and stay cheerful all day long with Zed Black Parfum Premium Fragrance Incense Sticks that are bang for the buck.
  5. easy to store and carry.

 Why choose us?

Our Incense Sticks Are Made For Those With The Discerning Pallet, Who Understand The Mental, Therapeutic, Spiritual And Aesthetic Benefits Of Using High Quality Products.  By Providing Traditional Indian Incense Sticks We Seek To Provide Our Users With A Diversity Of Wonderful Options For Their sticks Needs That Fit The Modern Context.    


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